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Outreach has been an important element of the Library’s services since the 1870s, when it hosted public lectures in an effort to burnish its educational and cultural standing while boosting interest and pride in Kansas City.


The Kansas City Public Library brings the library to you! The Bookmobile ensures services are provided to those who experience difficulty visiting the library’s fixed facilities. Our goal is to connect you with access to the great resources the library has to offer.

The Bookmobile is a FREE service and accessible to all who visit it. It creates a feeling of community wherever it goes. The Bookmobile has a semi-monthly schedule with most of its stops being either on 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th week rotations. Regular stops are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. During Fun Fridays the Bookmobile visits new and interesting places outside of its normally scheduled stops.

The bookmobile may be available for a visit to your organization’s event! It may be available for community events such as parades, health fairs, festivals, etc. depending on staffing availability. However, the Bookmobile is unavailable for special events during regularly scheduled stops. If you’re interested in having the library at your event but cannot accommodate centralized parking for the Bookmobile, use this form instead.

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At This Location

Eligible for the Bookmobile?

  • Located within the Kansas City Public Library’s service area.
  • Provide a sufficient level of safety as to not put staff and resources in jeopardy.
  • Willing to provide the Bookmobile with assistance in communicating with their population.
  • Direct in and out access for the 24 ft. Bookmobile vehicle and have ample room to maneuver and park.
  • Provide Bookmobile staff with access to restrooms.
  • Sufficient staff and resources must be available.
  • Should allow cellular equipment and other electronic equipment to operate consistently.

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