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Orchestral performance sets contain all the score parts of an orchestral work, including the conductor’s score and parts for a full orchestra or chamber orchestra to perform a musical work. Parts may include anywhere from 20-100 individual score sheets for various instruments. Each set also includes an inventory listing the contents.

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Borrowing an Orchestral Performance Set

  • Fill out the form below or call 816.701.3439 to make your request.
  • Staff will review the collection terms of use with the borrower and confirm pick-up and due dates.
  • Score sets will be available for pick up at the Central information desk on the first floor of the Central location.
  • Return score sets to the Central information desk.
  • If you have any questions or would like to renew your loan, call 816.701.3439.


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Date you wish to pick up the set from Central Library
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Return Date *
Date you wish to return the set to Central Library (no later than three weeks after the concert date)
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Terms of Use
As identified on the inventory sheet, in good working order.
In some circumstances these include an irreplaceable collection of items.
Fees are for missing or damaged parts or if the materials are not returned.
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