Services for Educators

Let us help find solutions for your learning needs. We can help find materials, provide trainings or presentations, and even give tours!

For all Educator's Services:

  • We need at least two weeks of notice prior to when you want us to deliver a particular service to you.
  • We can only guarantee service with adequate time for us to staff our Libraries and to prepare.

For more information about services available in your area, contact your Library location.

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These cards are just for use with materials for the class or homeschool setting. Teachers and homeschool parents or guardians can get this special type of card in addition to your personal cards. Fill out an application and bring it to any Library location or ask for an application at any service desk.

The checkout period on these cards is six weeks instead of the usual three weeks. If no one else has a request on a particular item, educators can renew anything on your cards for an additional six weeks of checkout time.

Educator cards allow you to check out any type of Library item except for feature films, and place holds on items owned by KCPL libraries (except items owned by other consortium libraries).

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Specify the subject for which you need materials, the interest and ability levels of your students, and the format you prefer so that we can request the most relevant materials for your needs.

We can place holds on books, CDs, and DVDs (with the exception of feature films).

Pick up items you request from the holds shelf of the Library branch that you designate, and check out items using your Educator Library card.

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Books to Go is a FREE service provided to preschools, home child cares, or Kindergarten sites located within the Kansas City Public Library District that care for children ages 6 and under. We set up an in-house library account for your site which is used to check out your Books to Go materials. Items are checked out to your account in advance and placed in boxes. Each classroom receives at least one box of materials depending on class size. One box holds approximately 20 books. We strive to send out two books per child. Once a month, these carefully hand-selected materials are delivered to your location and materials from the previous month are picked up at the same time.

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Book a Youth Librarian

KCPL Youth Librarians are committed to providing our patrons with personalized help. Our youth librarians will help find solutions to your learning needs via email, phone, or Zoom whether you are a classroom teacher, individual, book club, or homeschool teacher (accidental or on-purpose).

Let us tailor your virtual experience to meet your needs today! Just complete the form and someone will get back to you.

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These services can be provided either in school, homeschool groups (minimum attendance required: contact your Library location for details), or a Library branch of your choosing.


Appealing to many learning styles we share books, songs, finger-plays, and rhymes with your students using research-based methods which build early literacy skills.

Book Talks

A terrific option to interest older students where we discuss books based on the teacher's requests.

Database Training

We demonstrate the uses of one or multiple databases accessible with a Library card. Demonstrations for classes, groups of homeschoolers, and groups of educators.

Give recommendations of which databases to use for a specific project or information need.

Web Reference

When students use search engines, we suggest queries to find the most relevant information.

We recommend trusted websites for a specific project or information need.

Information Literacy

Present to students or provide you with materials which:

  • Show how some information is more relevant, timely, and trusted than other information.
  • Teach how to determine if sources are authoritative and if the information they contain is valid and current.
  • Explain why this is important.

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Plaza Branch front desk
Central Library children's entrance

See where different types of books, movies, and music are kept. Hear some of the history of the Library that you are touring. Learn other unique features and offerings of the building. Combine a tour of Central Library or the Plaza Branch with one of our classroom services.