Tech to Go

Technology is a part of daily life, but not everyone has access to the right equipment or resources. The Library’s free Tech to Go services let you borrow devices to help you get connected.

'Internet to Go' on green background with circles

Internet to Go

This free service gives you a way to enjoy online access from nearly anywhere. A portable tool lets you wirelessly connect your laptop computers, smartphones, or tablets.

'Chromebooks to Go' on green background with circles

Chromebooks to Go

Borrow a Library-provided Chromebook for all your personal online needs. Use for education and research, check your email, browse websites, pay bills online, apply for jobs, stream music or movies, and more!

Power Check meter on table over green and blue background

Power Check Meter

Borrow a power check meter from the Library, monitor your usage, and find out how much your home appliances or electronic devices may be costing you in electricity bills.