6000 Wilson Avenue Kansas City, MO 64123
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Branch Manager: Amanda Rodriguez

The North-East Branch is a fixture in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast neighborhood, which is home to both a sizable immigrant population and influx of young professionals. The branch dates to 1914, when it was housed in Northeast High School. It was combined with the Library’s East and Blue Valley locations into the North-East Branch in 1986 and moved into its current building three years later. The facility underwent extensive renovation during the COVID-19 pandemic, reopening in 2021. In serving one of the most linguistically diverse communities in Kansas City (with an estimated 55 languages spoken among the 9,000 residents), the North-East Branch houses the Library system’s primary collection of materials in Spanish and other world languages.

North-East Branch

The North-East Branch is located in the historic Northeast area at 6000 Wilson Ave. - about 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City. In addition to items in English the North-East Library features a wide variety of materials in Spanish: books, magazines, fotonovelas, CDs, and DVDs. There is also a variety of books, newspapers in other languages to support the community.

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