Pop In / Pick Up Holds Service

Pop In Pick Up Holds Service

Borrow physical books, DVDs, and CDs from the Library using our Pop In / Pick Up holds service!

How To Place Holds

Hold sticker example
  1. Browse our catalog and find an item you want to borrow, select your preferred location, then click “Place Hold.”
  2. When your materials are available, the Library will email you a notice that your holds are ready at the location you selected.
  3. Visit your selected pickup site during designated operating hours. Pop inside the Library and head towards the holds shelves.
  4. Pick up the holds labeled with your Library account information on the spine sticker:
    • First letter of your first name
    • First and second letters of your last name
    • Last three digits of your library card
  5. Use the self-checkout machines to scan and check out your materials. Need help? A librarian can assist you at a customer service desk.

Questions? Call us at 816.701.3400 or connect with us through email or live chat, and we’ll be glad to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I pick up my holds once I’ve been notified they’re ready?

Visit our locations page to view hours of operation for your neighborhood Kansas City Public Library location.

Do I need to bring my Kansas City Public Library card with me?

Yes, you will need your Library card information to check out your holds. Learn more about Library cards and accounts.

How long do I have to come get my holds?

You have 10 calendar days from the time you’re notified to pick up your materials. After 10 days, unclaimed holds will be reshelved and made available to other patrons.

When does my checkout period actually start?

The loan period begins at the time you check out your materials. View our current borrowing schedule for materials here.

When do I have to return my borrowed items?

When you bring back your items to the Library, please deposit them in either the outdoor returns box or the inside returns area.

What if I no longer need or want the items I have on hold?

You can release them by canceling the hold in your catalog account. We can then make those materials available for others to enjoy.

What if I have other questions about my holds?

Call 816.701.3400 or connect with us online and we’ll be glad to assist you.