Not a Crime to Be Poor
Tuesday, Aug. 21  |  6:30 p.m.  | Plaza Branch
In a discussion of his book Not a Crime to Be Poor: The Criminalization of Poverty in America, Peter Edelman details the need to reform a legal system that punishes the impoverished through impossibly high fees and fines for minor crimes and other onerous practices.

The Library Question 
The Kansas City Public Library is proposing an 8-cent increase in its property tax-based operating levy for the purpose of upgrading its facilities and sustaining its collections and expansive menu of services for the public. Learn more about the Library Question that will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. 

Learn a Language with Pronunciator
   Pronunciator offers phrase tutorials for over 80 languages, including ESL. Courses available for English speakers or for native speakers of 50 other languages. Learn on a desktop or access from a mobile device.

Jim Cosgrove's 20th Anniversary Celebration
Friday, Aug. 24  |  6:30 p.m.  | Plaza Branch
Jim Cosgrove – aka Mr. Stinky Feet – is a Kansas City-area institution, singing and dancing with families in more than 3,500 shows and releasing a series of award-winning albums since his 1998 debut. The Library celebrates this milestone with a special concert featuring a number of musical guests.