Services for Educators

For all Educator's Services:

  • We need at least one month of notice prior to when you want us to deliver a particular service to you.
  • We can only guarantee service with adequate time for us to staff our Libraries and to prepare.

For more information about services available in your area, contact your Library location.

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Book a Youth Librarian

We can help find solutions to your learning needs via email, phone, or Zoom whether you are a teacher, individual, or book club.

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Special Service Options

Let us help you find books and lesson prompts. Get an Educator Library Card or sign up for Educator Assistance.

Kids at the Library

Services for Classes

We have many services available, including Storytimes, book talks, database training, web reference, and more.

Child Reading at the Library

Services at the Library

View and schedule tours, field trips and virtual visits to the Central Library or the Plaza Branch.

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Books to Go

We can help find the best age-appropriate library books for your classroom.