Childhood in the COVID-19 Era

Laura Cline, Robert Grant, Steven Woolfolk
Thursday, May 14, 2020
6:30 pm
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The Library begins a series of programs exploring issues related to COVID-19 with an examination of the immediate and long-term effects that the pandemic likely will have on children.

Counselors Laura Cline and Dr. Robert Grant join Steven Woolfolk, the Library’s director of programming and marketing, in discussing the challenge of Childhood in the Covid-19 Era. Is it asking too much of elementary school students to suddenly be largely responsible for their education? What’s the potential impact of a lack of socialization? And how can parents best prepare children for an eventual return to a world in which social distancing and other protective measures have become a way of life?

Both Grant and Cline are licensed professional counselors, specializing in work with children and young adults. Cline has spent nearly 25 years as a school counselor. Grant owns and operates the Robert Jason Grant AutoPlay Therapy Clinic.

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