Library Procedure on Photography and Video

We invite patrons and visitors to snap impromptu photos in the Library, be they of a favorite book, fancy coffee drink, or view from our fifth-floor Rooftop Terrace.

And we appreciate you tagging us in social media posts. But please remember: Our first mission is that of a library. To maintain a proper environment, we ask you follow these photography/video guidelines.

  • We allow professional, commercial, or group photography with rental of a Library event space. That includes photography for such special events as weddings, engagements, proms, and homecoming.
  • Be respectful of fellow patrons, following our code of conduct.
  • Among other things, we prohibit photos and video of other patrons and staff members, posing on stairs, and impeding access to any area of the Library. We also bar the use of equipment beyond cameras, phones, and video recorders (e.g., tripods, lights and reflective shields).

Please contact our event space coordinator via email or phone (816.701.3402) to inquire about renting space for a photo shoot. We ask that you do this at least 30 days in advance.

Members of the media should contact our Media Relations and Communications Specialist, via email or phone (816.701.3669).