'Flowvember' Donation Drive Highlights Period Poverty Awareness

Thursday, October 26, 2023
Flowvember donation drive text with period product images

Throughout November, the Library is partnering with the local nonprofit Strawberry Week to collect donations of menstrual period supplies at its 10 locations. Donated items will be distributed throughout Kansas City, making them available to those who may lack access to essential menstrual management resources.

Flowvember is a yearly campaign to raise awareness about the effects of “period poverty” -- that is, what happens when members of our community who do not have or cannot afford menstrual supplies. 

UNICEF estimates that a quarter of all human beings on Earth menstruate. Yet it continues to be stigmatized in every country, making the acquisition of sterile menstrual products challenging or impossible for many.

In addition to difficulties caused by the stigma of menstruation in some cultures, the American Civil Liberties Union found that the prohibitive cost of menstrual products keeps one in five American teenagers out of school each month.

To date, the Kansas City Public Library has distributed more than 33,800 free menstrual products to patrons using restrooms in its 10 locations.  

From Wednesday, November 1, through the end of the month, all Library locations is accepting boxes of liners, pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, as well as individual items in their wrappers, in designated bins.

Last Flowvember, Library communities donated nearly 9,000 individual period supplies. Look for the designated collection boxes inside your neighborhood Library location.

Flowvember Donation Drive: November 1-30, 2023:

  • Visit your neighborhood Library location and look for designated donation boxes.
  • Accepted items: boxes of liners, pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. Individual items may be donated if they are in their original packaging.
  • Visit Strawberry Week for more information about reproductive health in Kansas City.