Internet To GO

Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending Service

Borrow the internet from the Kansas City Public Library!

Our free Internet to Go service gives you a way to enjoy online access from nearly anywhere using a portable tool that let you wirelessly connect your laptop computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Using a Library-provided mobile hotspot device, you can take part in all sorts of activities that require an internet connection: check email, browse websites, pay bills online, apply for jobs, conduct research, play games, stream music or movies, and more!

How to borrow Internet to Go kits:

  1. Visit the catalog to place a hold and have it delivered to the Library location of your choice. Or contact us by phone, email or chat.
  2. When you receive notice the Internet to Go kit is ready at your selected location, follow the instructions for our Pop In / Pick Up service upon arrival.
  3. Once you have the kit, follow the instructions included in the kit to connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device to the hotspot.
  4. You have 14 days to use the hotspot, with option to renew it up to three times.
  5. Return it inside the Library during open hours when you’re done (do not use the outdoor or indoor book drop to return kits).
  6. There is no cost to you to use the device; the Library pays for unlimited wireless services.

Borrow a Kit
Library card required. Need one? Sign up here »


What is an internet hotspot?

A hotspot is a device that provides wireless internet (also known as Wi-Fi) to devices that have Wi-Fi capability, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Using the Library wireless network and password provided in the Internet to Go kit, you can connect your devices to the hotspot and access the internet. Unlike a computer that requires a cable connected to the wall, Wi-Fi hotspots let you access the internet from nearly anywhere – your home, in a park, or other places.

How many devices can I connect to a hotspot?

It depends on what kind of activities you may be using the hotspot for. One hotspot can support up to 10 devices for basic web surfing or up to two to three devices for streaming. They run at 4G/LTE speeds, like the speed of cellphone internet.

Do I need to pay for internet service?

No, the Library pays for the internet service, so it is completely free for patrons.

What network do the hotspots use?

The devices run on the T-Mobile (formerly Sprint) LTE network, so you will need to be within this provider’s coverage area to function.

Who is allowed to check out a hotspot?

Anyone with a Kansas City Public Library card may check out an Internet to Go kit. Only one kit can be checked out per card. Get a library card now »

Can I place one on hold in advance?

Yes, you can place them on hold and pick them up at any location through our Pop In / Pick Up service.

How long can I check out a hotspot for?

The borrowing period is 14 days with the option for three renewals. You must return the entire Internet to Go kit by its due date.

Can I extend my borrowing period if I need it longer?

Yes! If you need the hotspot longer, you can renew it up to three times.

What comes in the Internet to Go kit?

The kit includes a hotspot wireless internet device, a charging cord, instructions, and the case. Please make sure that all materials are returned.

What happens if I lose or damage the device or anything that comes with it?

The cost for a replacement hotspot device is $60.

How do I return the hotspot?

If possible, please return the kit inside any Library location at the Pop In / Pick Up table. Only use outdoor drops when the building is closed.

Can the Library see how I used the internet service?

The Library is not able to see your browsing or other activity while connected to the devices. We do receive anonymous reports about the amount of data the device uses.

Is my web browsing restricted in any way while using the hotspot?

Hotspots are equipped with a content filter that prevents viewing of pornographic and malicious websites. This keeps the Library in compliance with Federal regulations and Library policy.

What should I do if the device seems to be broken or isn’t working correctly?

Please contact the Library’s Tech Access help line at 816.701.3606 or notify a staff member when you return the kit.

How is the Library paying for this?

This service was made possible through the support of library district residents with the 2018 levy increase and a generous gift from the Friends of the Kansas City Public Library.