Which came first – the telephone or the lightbulb? Show off your knowledge (or your educated guesses) and have fun learning in this easy-to-play trivia game.


Playing Time:15 minutes


Additional Info:

  • There are many different versions of Timeline:  Diversity, Historical Events, Science & Discoveries, Music & Cinema.
  • Each version is in easily-stored metal boxes that are just under 5” x 5” square.
  • Different versions can be combined into one larger game.
  • Since this is a knowledge-based game, it works best with players of similar ages or education. If there is a disparity, more experienced players can agree to start the game with more cards than the less experienced players.
  • Would be a great fit for use in the classroom.

Players Also Liked:

  • Chronology – Very similar game with players using cards to create timelines
  • Fauna - Also requires trivia knowledge

21st Century Game Skills
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