Do you know how much a Komodo dragon weighs? Do you know where the Eastern Gorilla lives? Bet on what you know (or what you think you know) or just make an educated guess. Points are awarded for correct answers and for answers that are close.


Playing Time:40-60 minutes


Additional Info:

  • The game board has two sides – one for standard measurements and one for metric.
  • Players with more knowledge of animals can be given a handicap by being given fewer betting cubes.
  • Players with less knowledge can benefit by making guesses based on their opponent’s bets.
  • Would be a great fit for use in the classroom.

Players Also Liked:

  • Terra – It was designed by the same game maker, but instead of animals, it focuses on a monument, event, or location
  • Trivial Pursuit – Because the game is largely knowledge-based
  • Wits and Wagers - Hedge your bets based on other people’s knowledge

21st Century Game Skills
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