Maki Stack

Game Talk: 

In this fast-paced game, be the first to stack their sushi just right!  Using your fingers as chopsticks or being blindfolded will slow you down but don’t let that stop you from balancing and arranging the sushi before your opponents!

Additional Info: 
  • Attractive, sturdy pieces.
  • 2 different versions of gameplay.
  • As fun to watch as it is to play.
  • Can make more difficult by making the teammate memorize the card.
Play Alikes: 
  • Junk Art - Stacking wooden pieces
  • Sushi Go - Similar theme with fast-paced gameplay
  • Dr. Eureka - Similar dexterity and visual literacy gameplay
  • Jenga - Gameplay includes dexterity and balancing
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (video game) - Some elements of the game are hidden from each player, requiring collaboration and communication to solve the problem