Two spymasters compete to contact each of their undercover agents. They give one-word clues to an operative as he tries to successfully identify the secret agents. But all is lost if you accidentally contact the assassin.


Playing Time:15 minutes


Additional Info:

  • Although the publishers recommend the game for ages 14+, we’ve found that 10-year-olds enjoy playing.
  • A great social game at parties that encourages interaction between teammates as they brainstorm the correct answers
  • The game can be modified for three people with two spymasters giving clues to a single agent.
  • There are many themed variants of this game such as Codenames: Marvel, Codenames: Harry Potter, Codenames: Disney, etc.

Players Also Liked:

  • Dixit - Verbal clues help players choose a matching card
  • Mysterium - Players on the team have to figure out the correct answer by association with the clue
  • Password - Because you’re giving a one-word verbal clue for a partner to interpret

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