With exactly 42 minutes on the clock, you must solve the mysterious death of a poor murdered soul who still haunts an old Scottish estate. Acting as a medium, you must determine the murderer, location, and weapon used to commit the act. The catch? One person acting as the spirit can only communicate with you through “vision cards” (wordless illustrations) that will lead you to these answers. Can you uncover the truth and free the spirit before time runs out?


Playing Time:42 minutes


Additional Info:

  • It’s helpful to have this game pre-set ahead of time due to the many components.
  • Requires ample table space for setup.
  • Beautifully executed components, durable, and very attractive.
  • This game takes longer to play than indicated by the publisher.
  • Fun game for themed parties having a ghost and murder as elements of the story, especially when paired with a spooky soundtrack.

Players Also Liked:

  • Dixit -Communicate through beautifully illustrated cards to solve a riddle
  • Clue - Uncover the same three elements (weapon, location, and person) to solve a murder mystery
  • Obscurio - Clues are communicated through pictures

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