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Hispanic Heritage Month

This year’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month carries particular poignance for the Kansas City Public Library. In conjunction with the monthlong observance, running from September 15 to October 15, the Library annually highlights a collection of book recommendations, film offerings, and other resources that explore a rich array of the experiences and perspectives of Latino Americans.

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At 19,091 unique titles, the Kansas City Public Library’s collection of movies and television shows is larger than any streaming service’s offering. In January 2023, Statista reported that Amazon Prime had 7,429, Netflix 7,318, Hulu 6,741, and Discovery+ 6,203. Every other service had fewer. 

Altogether, the system’s 10 locations house a total of 52,340 discs with over 30,000 located at Central Library. 

The Library continues to collect DVDs for numerous reasons, including: many people don’t have access to the tech that’s needed to stream video; streaming services fall short in terms of diversity of interest; need for better inclusion of groups by race and age; and availability of titles.   

Child holding book stands with adult

Stop by select Kansas City parks and visit with your Library for this year's Pop In at the Park summer series! We'll be popping up in local neighborhoods between June 6 - August 18, 2023, to provide summer learning resources to families, connect people with services, offer fun kids’ activities, and more!

Dear KC red heart on white background

This year, the Young Friends of the Kansas City Public Library has given that love a new outlet in the Dear KC poetry contest. The Young Friends asked people to open their hearts, focus on what they love about their town, and put it in verse. “Dear KC…”

Fifty-seven people did just that, and the top three poems have been turned into art by marketing “un-agency” Crux KC – the posters they created will be displayed at the KC Streetcar library stop at 9th and Main streets starting May 17.

statue of woman on horseback in black and white

With Mother’s Day weekend approaching, it is fitting that What’s Your KCQ? respond to a query about Kansas City’s Pioneer Mother sculpture in Penn Valley Park.

Kansas City has gotten a bit … tidier in the past year. 

Proof is in the first eight episodes of the new Peacock series The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, filmed in the city and now available for viewing on the streaming platform. Based on the best-selling book by Swedish artist Margareta Magnusson, it highlights the practice of döstädning – translation: death cleaning, or ridding your home of items that have accumulated during your life so loved ones don’t have to do it when you die. 

A death-cleaning team visits and assists eight Kansas City households in the series’ first season.