Partner with Us

Tech Access provides resources that promote digital literacy within the community. We partner with organizations to train individuals and groups across all skill levels, helping them achieve their digital goals.

Our resources include:

  • Instructor-led classes
  • Peer learning groups
  • Digital learning curriculum
  • Digital literacy assessment tools
  • Device lending

The Process

  1. Complete the Partner Application.
  2. Site visit or introductory call. A Tech Access team member will connect with you to learn about the needs of your clients, assess the training space at your facility, and discuss logistics for moving forward.
  3. Follow up. We follow up our visit with a proposed course of action and scheduling options.
  4. Host first session. We send a library staff person and volunteer to facilitate the first training session. We will bring equipment as needed and be prepared to provide a fun and engaging digital learning session for your clients.
  5. Post-event evaluation. After the class or series, you will meet again with a Tech Access team member (in person or online) to evaluate the outcome of the event and discuss next steps.

We Offer

  • Flexible and customizable digital learning options
  • Skilled Tech Access staff and volunteers
  • Devices, resources, and materials needed for learning
  • Recognition for your contribution of service

What We Need From You

  • Space. You don’t need a fancy computer lab or conference room. Tech Access has facilitated trainings in lobby spaces, offices and even a basement! We just need room to comfortably accommodate learners with tables and chairs.​
  • Learners. Connecting with people who want to learn how to use technology is our priority. As our partner agency, we look to you for these connections. You know your clients, what they need, and hopefully, how to communicate with them and get them to our training sessions! We do not have a minimum participant requirement.

Not quite sure what you're looking for? Need a refresher on what courses we offer to partners? View our Course Menu and refer any questions to