Work in the (Post) COVID-19 Era

Kaleem Clarkson
Thursday, December 9, 2021
6:30 pm
Online Event
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The COVID-19 pandemic has reshuffled our country’s labor market. Businesses are struggling to hire and retain workers as many people rethink how, where – and in some cases, whether – they want to work. 

Launching a new Library series on the future of work in the Kansas City area and across the country, remote work expert Kaleem Clarkson explores what employers are getting right (and wrong) as they deal with workforce shortages and a desire for more flexible work environments. He offers guidance to both employers and employees hoping to develop more remote work opportunities and explains how a more flexible work environment can increase productivity. 

Clarkson is the chief operating officer for Blend Me, Inc., a Georgia-based consultancy that helps small businesses and startups improve the remote employee experience, from attraction of talent to onboarding to professional development. A graduate of Worcester (Massachusetts) State University, he also is COO of RemotelyOne, a members-only community for remote work professionals. 

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