Molière’s Continuing Inspiration

Virginie Roche-Tiengo
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
5:30 pm
6:00 pm
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Maybe you know Molière. If not … well, Kansas City’s French roots lend a connection to the great French playwright, who may rank second only to Shakespeare in the theatrical universe. So profound was his influence that the French language is often referred to as “the language of Molière.” 

As part of a citywide celebration of Kansas City’s French heritage and Molière’s 400th birthday this year, Virginie Roche-Tiengo of Université Paris-Sorbonne Nord discusses From Louis XIV’s France to the Anglophone World Today: Molière’s Continuing Inspiration. She examines his works and lasting reputation as a dramatist and satirist. 

Born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin in 1622, Molière was a master of social comedy whose writing remains relatable to English-speaking readers and theater audiences. 

Roche-Tiengo is the assistant dean for international and institutional relations at Université Paris-Sorbonne Nord, where she teaches legal English. 

The presentation is offered both in person at the Plaza Branch’s Truman Forum Auditorium and via livestream on the Library’s YouTube channel.