Kansas City Scavenger

Anne Kniggendorf and Leslie Kniggendorf
Two women on rooftop using telescope
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
5:30 pm
6:00 pm
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You know and love Kansas City, but are you paying close attention to every detail of your favorite parts of town? Kansas City Scavenger is all about the little things. Anne Kniggendorf, a writer and editor at the Library, and her sister and co-author Leslie Kniggendorf discuss their new book -- the biggest and best scavenger hunt out there.

Grab your kids, mom, partner, or buddies and scavenge for 330 clues in 13 metro-area towns in Missouri and seven in Kansas. The Kniggendorfs did exactly that and talk to the Library’s Kaite Stover about what they found: a mulched-over time capsule, a sidewalk plaque about the world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade, dog hitching posts, and a toilet paper holder high up on the outside of a building.

Each bizarre feature tells a story and now, thanks to this book, each also has a rhyming riddle dedicated to it. Stay engaged with Kansas City all summer long with what you learn at this event about Kansas City Scavenger.

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Library Scavenger Hunt

Download this printable PDF handout and embark on a Library-themed scavenger hunt! Search for the items at the Central Library and Plaza, Southeast, Bluford, and Trails West Branches.  Read the riddles and study the thumbnail photos for clues to help you find the listed items.

Kansas City Public Library Scavenger Hunt