Indie Lens Pop-Up
As part of the Indie Lens Pop-Up film series, the Library and KCPT-Kansas City PBS screen the 2018 documentary Dawnland. It chronicles efforts in Maine to come to terms with the decades-long removal of Native American children from their families to force their assimilation into white society. A discussion follows.
Saturday, November 3, 2018
2:00 pm
The marginalization of Native Americans wasn’t simply a crime of our country’s distant, unenlightened past. The documentary Dawnland chronicles the effort in one state, Maine, to come to terms with a practice that endured through most of the 20th century, when welfare workers removed Wabanaki children from their families and placed them in foster care – presuming that assimilation into white society would improve their quality of life and offer them a better future.

The Library and KCPT- Kansas City PBS screen the film as part of the Indie Lens Pop-Up community cinema initiative. Dawnland follows the work of Maine’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, set up in 2012, in gathering stories from the state's indigenous people. A discussion follows the screening.

Co-presented by KCPT- Kansas City PBS.