Lobby Stops

We bring the library to you! Lobby Stops bring the library to senior housing sites in the community monthly. A Lobby Stop is a FREE monthly library service provided to senior housing sites. A small, temporary, pop-up library is set up for residents in a common meeting area or lobby. Patrons are registered for a library card, if they don’t already have one, and are invited to browse and check out materials on-site and return them at the next visit. Patrons may also request materials to be delivered to them on their next visit. The materials we offer include large and regular-print books, DVDs, and audiobooks.

Who is Eligible for This Service?

  • Facilities must be located within the Kansas City Public Library District and at least one mile away from a physical library branch.
  • Facilities must provide a lobby or community room with tables and chairs for library staff to set up a temporary pop-up library.

Parking Availability and Ease of Access

The facility agrees to provide sufficient parking and ample space to safely maneuver a 18 foot delivery vehicle. Adequate parking includes approximately 15 ft. of clearance around the back of the van for loading and unloading. Parking spots must be on level ground to ensure safe loading and unloading of the vehicle. The facility agrees to keep the sidewalk/driveway/parking lot clear during the winter months and free from debris. An appropriate parking space is required to maintain library service at the facility and must be agreed upon by both parties.

Cancelations, Inclement Weather, Extenuating Circumstances

It is the responsibility of the facility to notify Senior Services staff if the site will be unavailable for a Lobby Stop no later than 4:00 p.m. the day before. In the event of inclement weather, vehicle maintenance, and other unforeseen problems, the Kansas City Public Library system reserves the right to cancel service and Senior Services staff will notify the site of a canceled stop as soon as possible.

Space to Conduct Service

The facility will provide tables and chairs for library staff in a lobby or community room assuring everyone’s safety around book carts and furniture.


We require a minimum of five residents to be actively checking out materials during our scheduled visits. This minimum attendance is necessary to maintain library services at the facility.

Building Access

The facility agrees to provide building access before the scheduled library visit to allow for setup time. If building access is not provided by 10 minutes beyond the start time of the visit, the visit will be canceled. As we schedule several timed stops on the same day, we are unable to extend a visit if staff are let into a building late. Prompt building access is required to maintain library service at the facility.

Health and Safety

Prompt notification of health concerns is required to maintain Lobby Stops. Failure to notify the library of the flu, other contagious outbreaks or pest infestations before a visit may result in loss of library service. Please contact Senior Services at 816.701.3490 or seniorservices@kclibrary.org to notify us immediately.

Code of Conduct

All Kansas City Public Library Patron Code of Conduct policy applies while we are performing library service at the facility.

How Do I Become a Lobby Stop?

Apply now or contact us at 816.701.3490. Depending on program capacity, service may not begin immediately, and you will be placed on our waiting list.