Off the Wall Archive

2016: Sorta Shakespeare

carton Shakespeare with KC hat holding a wooden sign

May 20: Strange Brew<

June 17: Warm Bodies

July 15: She's the Man

August 19: 10 Things I Hate About You

September 16: West Side Story

2015: Down the Rabbit Hole

projector projecting rabbit falling through hole

May 15: Time Bandits

June 19: Tron

July 17: Labyrinth

August 21: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

September 18: Desperately Seeking Susan

2014: Rave New World

woman with heart earrings wearing sunglasses with '1984' on them

May 23: Footloose

June 20: Breakin'

July 18: Purple Rain

August 15: Repo Man

September 19: Stop Making Sense