January Signature Event Recap

Friday, February 5, 2021

Check out our latest roundup of signature event videos from the past month.

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Restaurants in KC: What We’ve Lost
Kyo Yamanaka, Chrissy Nucum, Liz Cook
Restaurant Week

January 11, 2021
1 hour

The Library opened a three-part lunchtime series assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kansas City’s dining industry. Restaurateurs Kyo Yamanaka Noble (Gojo Japanese Steak House) and Chrissy Nucum (KC Pinoy) joined Pitch critic Liz Cook in weighing what has been lost with the recent closings of more than three dozen kitchens.



Restaurants in KC: Survival
Arvelisha Woods, India Pernell, Lucy Rieger, Austin Suedmeyer, Liz Cook
Restaurant Week

January 13, 2021
1 hour, 5 minutes

Maggie’s Foods owners Arvelisha Woods and India Pernell and Observation Pizza’s Austin Suedmeyer joined ­restaurant critic Liz Cook of The Pitch in assessing the current state of Kansas City’s pandemic-distressed dining industry. 

Restaurants in KC: What's Ahead?
Caitlin Corcoran, James Chang, Cheetie Kumar, Liz Cook
Restaurant Week

January 15, 2021
1 hour, 5 minutes

In the final installment of a lunchtime series, three restaurateurs – Waldo Thai General Manager James Chang; acclaimed Raleigh, North Carolina, chef and restaurant owner Cheetie Kumar; and former Ça Va owner Caitlin Corcoran – assessed the future of KC’s dining scene. ­Liz Cook of The Pitch moderates. 

Love, Loss and Endurance: A 9/11 Story of Resilience and Hope in an Age of Anxiety
Bill Tammeus

January 19, 2021
50 minutes

In an online presentation launching his new book Love, Loss and Endurance, former Kansas City Star columnist Bill Tammeus recounted the loss of his nephew on 9/11 and its impact on his extended family. One of the nation’s most respected religion writers, he also examined the religious extremism behind those attacks and others since.

Seeing MAD: MAD Magazine's Humor and Legacy
Judith Yaross Lee, John Bird

January 26, 2021
1 hour, 10 minutes

Ohio University’s Judith Yaross Lee and Winthrop University’s John Bird discuss the influence, cultural and political significance, and enduring legacy of MAD magazine, the subject of their new book Seeing MAD: Essays on MAD Magazine's Humor and Legacy.

Racial Reckoning at The Star: ‘The Truth in Black and White’
Mike Fannin, Mará Rose Williams, Michele Watley, Nicole Sussner Rodgers, Toriano Porter

January 27, 2021
1 hour

One month after a remarkable series of stories in The Kansas City Star, acknowledging it had “disenfranchised, ignored and scorned generations of Black Kansas Citians” over its 140-year history and offering apology, the newspaper’s president and editor joined other staff members and community and industry observers in discussing the admission, its impact, and how it should now guide The Star.


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