Bring It Back Week: Return Materials, Get Fines and Fees Forgiven

Friday, March 16, 2018

Overdue items. Damaged materials. Late fees and fines. The Library knows that sometimes life gets crazy, and the things you borrow from us get returned late or damaged (believe us, we can tell you stories). But we don’t want your account status to stand in the way of you visiting us or using Library services. So for one week, the Library is giving you a chance at a fresh start by erasing eligible, existing fines and fees.

During Bring It Back Week, April 2-8, 2018, the Library invites patrons to track down their overdue or damaged materials and bring them back to us in exchange for a clean, fine-free account. Whether it’s the way-overdue copy of Infinite Jest you’ve intended to start for months, the damaged LEGO Batman DVD your kid got overly excited about and used as a Batarang, or the Daft Punk CD you borrowed back in 2013 and scratched during a memorable house party, it’s all OK. Bring these items back to any Library location, visit with a staff member, and we’ll get your account back in good standing.

Bring it back. Welcome back.

April 2-8, 2018
Return overdue or damaged Library books, CDs, and DVDs, get your fines and fees forgiven.

Bring It Back Week Questions and Answers

What is Bring It Back Week?
As part of Money Smart Month, the Library invites patrons to bring back any overdue or damaged items, and we’ll erase any and all existing fees associated with those specific items.

Why is the Library rolling back fees and fines during this time?
Short version: We miss you.

Many people who have outstanding fees or fines feel like they can’t use the Library and its services. Or they think they’ll be thrown in some kind of imaginary Library jail because they spilled a Red Bull on the copy of The Story of Ferdinand they checked out for their child. We never want our patrons to feel unwelcome at the Library, so we’re giving everyone a chance at a fresh start. Bring It Back Week isn’t just about returning overdue or damaged items; it’s more about bringing YOU back to the Library.

What kinds of materials can I bring back?
Any Kansas City Public Library-owned item: books, DVDs, CDs. Bring them all back, no matter how late and no matter how bad the condition.

I have some overdue materials and fines on my account. How do I take part in Bring It Back Week?
Return your overdue items to any Kansas City Public Library location between April 2-8, and your fines related to those materials will be cleared from your account.

My outstanding or damaged materials may be a few years old. Does the Library still want them?
Yes. Age ain’t nothing but a number, anyway (571.878 per Dewey Decimal Classification). It’s OK. Bring them back, no matter the age or condition.

Can I return my overdue/damaged items in the outdoor book drop boxes?
While the Library will accept outstanding items returned via book return boxes, be aware it may take up to 10 days to clear any fees and notes from your account. Also, keep in mind that returning items without covers or cases in book drop boxes means we may not be able to match these materials with your account, which means we won’t be able to properly credit you for bringing your stuff back. Visiting with a Library staff member is the fastest and best way to clear your fees and fines. Plus, we’d love to see your smiling face and officially welcome you back.

What if I have an overdue or damaged DVD or CD, but not its case?
Bring the loose DVD/CD directly to a staff member at the customer service desk at any Library location.

What if the book is damaged?
Hey, sometimes the family dog eats books along with homework. Bring us back the book—in any condition—and we’ll forgive you. And Rover.

Are fines and fees forgiven for items I borrowed through interlibrary loan or materials I obtained through the Kansas City Public Library catalog that belong to other area libraries?
Fines related to overdue or damaged materials borrowed through interlibrary loan are eligible for forgiveness during Bring It Back Week. However, any lost interlibrary loan items or related fees are not covered. You can take part in Money Smart Month classes or activities during April 2018 to earn vouchers good for up to $100 in fines and fees, including lost-item replacement. Learn more at

I lost the item I checked out. Can I just bring in a replacement?
No. There is a specific process that materials must go through before they can be added to the Kansas City Public Library catalog, so we cannot substitute an old, missing item for a new copy that did not go through the proper steps.

Lost-item fees are not eligible for forgiveness during Bring It Back Week, however, you can address those charges by participating in Money Smart Month programs in April and earn a voucher covering up to $100 in existing fines (including lost-item fees).

If I’m not able to take part in Bring It Back Week, are there other ways I can address my fines and fees?
Even if you can’t visit a Library location during Bring It Back Week, you can still take part in Money Smart Month activities throughout April. You can earn a voucher for up to $100 off existing fines and fees by taking part in eligible activities. Learn more at