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A Little About Me

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What Do You Like to Read?


No bad news. Well, maybe a little. But it all works out in the end.
Two great formats that go great together. Read the illustrations and the text. At the same time.
Like all those history classes you took. Except exciting stories, detailed time periods, fascinating people, and less technology.
Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts. Oh. My.
Stories about people who live in Brazil or China or Jordan or Spain or Norway or Antarctica...
Novels to make you think, talk, expand your world and maybe change your mind.
Whodunit? Howdunit? Cops, detectives on the case of the criminal
Boy meets Girl or Girl meets Girl or Boy meets Boy. Everyone meets cute. Everyone overcomes obstacles. Everyone ALWAYS has a happy ending.
Space wars or robots or Mars, oh my. Magic and dragons and elves, oh my.
Why is XXXX trying to kill me? ::jumpsonroofofbus:: ::ischasedbybadguys::
A little angst and drama (maybe a lot). The kids are alright.


Bios are books about a person’s life. Memoirs are books about a particular time in a person’s life.
Same as Graphic Novel—Fiction. But the stories are true.
Same as Historical Fiction. But the stories are true.
Reads like fiction. But the stories are true. And sometimes a bibliography and footnotes.
The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. And all you gotta do is turn a page.
Build a villa in Provence! Ride the Orient Express in its heyday! Walk the ice floes with a polar bear! Climb Mount Everest! All from the comfort of your armchair.
Like the best episodes of CSI and Law and Order, but not based on a true story. It *is* the true story.
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Reading Styles

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