Employee Benefits

Below are just some of the great benefits offered to our employees! A more complete explanation may be obtained from the Human Resources Department.

Benefits for All Employees

Educational Support

Employees are eligible for up to $300 per credit hour for up to six credit hours per year for academic coursework towards job or library related courses. Employee must have completed 6 months of employment before eligible.

Educational Loan

Up to $1000 may be available for academic, nonacademic learning activities or related expenses such as books, class fees, additional courses, lab fees, etc. Employee must have completed 6 months of employment before eligible.

Vision Care—Delta Vision

Part-time employees classified who have an FTE of at least .5 are eligible to participate in the Vision Insurance plan. This program provides significant discounts on vision care through selected providers. Cost dependent on level of coverage selected.

Section 125 Tax Savings Plan

This plan allows employees to pay for everyday expenses like childcare, prescriptions, across-the-counter medications and medical/dental plans (not already on a pretax arrangement) on a pretax basis. This benefit is available to full-time staff and also to part time staff at a classification of Library Technical Assistant or above and with a .5 FTE or more.

Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance

Provided through Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, these plans provide benefits in connection with a diagnosis of cancer or certain other illnesses. Cost depends on the features chosen, the amount of coverage selected and other factors.

Employee Assistance Plan

All employees and their immediate families are eligible to participate in this free, confidential program which offers counseling, life coaching, and other services.

Voluntary Retirement Plans

The Library offers a 403(b) plan and 457 deferred compensation plan through Voya.

Additional Benefits for Part-Time Employees

Paid-Time Off

Part-Time staff are awarded 4-weeks of paid time off on July 1 of every year which expires June 30, the amount is pro-rated for staff hired after July 1.

Additional Benefits for Full-Time Employees

Health Insurance—Blue Cross Blue Shield

We offer three health insurance plans to eligible employees: a traditional PPO plan, a high-deductible HSA plan, and an EPO plan (Spira Care). Cost dependent on plan type and level of coverage selected.

Dental Insurance—Delta Dental

The Library offers dental insurance to eligible employees on a shared cost basis. Dependent coverage is also available. Employee payments are made on a pre-tax basis.

Life Insurance—USAble

The Library pays for a $20,000 life insurance policy for each eligible full-time employee. Employees also have the option to acquire additional coverage.

Long Term Disability Insurance—USAble

The Library pays for disability insurance for each eligible full-time employee.

Dependent Life—USAble

Employees may select to cover eligible dependents.

Retirement—Kansas City Public School District Retirement System

Employee contribution rate is 9% of gross salary. Employee contributions plus interest refunded if employee separates employment prior to retirement.


Depending upon position classification and longevity, employees earn three to four weeks of vacation each year on an accrual basis.

Sick Leave

Employees earn sick leave at the rate of twelve working days each year on an accrual basis. Sick leave is cumulative with no limit. An employee upon termination of employment will be compensated at his or her present rate for all earned and unused sick time up to a limit of 900 hours. This payout is made according to the formula:

  • (Remaining Sick Leave, up to 900 hours) * (full years of service * 3%) * (hourly rate or equivalent)

Personal Leave

In addition to vacation and sick leave, regular full-time employees earn 2.0 hours of personal leave per pay period.


Holidays with pay include: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Vacation Leave Payout Option

If desired and minimum requirements are met, full-time Library employees who accrue Vacation hours may opt-in on an annual basis to the Vacation Leave Payout (VLP) program. This VLP Option is for a one-time payout of 8-55 hours (“Payout”) of Vacation hours, which must be elected and earned at/by specific times. Minimum balances are required and must be maintained. For complete requirements, contact the HR department.