Superfight: A Game of Absurd Arguments

Game Talk: 

In this quick and easy party game, create ridiculous fighters by combining hilarious character cards with powers/weaknesses cards. Then use your persuasive powers to convince the others of your fighter’s superiority to his opponent.

Additional Info: 
  • There are multiple expansion boxes, including Horror, the ’80s, ’90s, Anime, Streetfighter, The Walking Dead, History, etc...
  • In addition to the classic game rules, the game can also be played with different rule sets, such as villain mode and battle royale.
  • The characters in this game can be used in various ways including improv games and as characters for a March Madness-style passive program.
Play Alikes: 
  • Apples to Apples - Because you’re selecting the best match of things and descriptions
  • Cards Against Humanity -  For people who enjoy the humorous pairing of objects and descriptions (Note: Superfight is NOT inappropriate, but is funny.)