Qwirkle is simple to learn, but surprisingly strategic. Players place up to 6 wooden tiles in a line, matching either the color or shape of the tiles next to it. The strategy comes as you attempt to score a Qwirkle (all six different shapes or colors in a row) without opening up the board for your opponents to score.


Playing Time:45 minutes


Additional Info:

  • The 108 wooden tiles are thick, wooden, attractive, and unbreakable.
  • Players with color blindness might struggle to differentiate some of the colors.
  • Players can easily team up if there are more than 4 players.

Players Also Liked:

  • Scrabble -- Tile placement and strategy are very similar
  • Blokus – Tile placement is similar and there are elements of the same “blocking” strategy
  • Qwirkle Cubes - Similar gameplay with more variability
  • Ingenious – A more abstract tile placing game

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