Love Letter

Love Letter
As a smitten courtier, you will try to get your love letter to the unreachable princess before anyone else while trying to eliminate all the other suitors. This game of deduction, risk-taking, and hand management is easy to learn. It moves very quickly through the rounds as players try to figure out each other’s hidden cards, avoid elimination, and score a token of the princess’ affection. It’s a perfect game for beginner gamers, at parties, and on the go! And the attractive artwork is a plus.


Playing Time:20 minutes


Additional Info:

  • The edition “Love Letter Premium” comes with a base game, plays up to 8 players, and introduces new character card sets.
  • The original edition’s size is easy to store and share.

Players Also Liked:

  • Coup – another portable party game that requires players to conceal their card’s identity and eliminate other players through figuring out who is who and revealing their identity
  • The Grimm Masquerade – also relies on unveiling a hidden identity of other players thus robbing them of their chance at winning the round

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