You’re a cryptozoologist searching for an elusive cryptid.  Knowing only 1 fact about where the cryptid could be, you have to try to locate the beast without revealing too much to your fellow players.


Playing Time:30-50 minutes


Additional Info:

  • If you run out of cubes (likely in 3 player games), you can use any other color or item to mark the misses.
  • Optional digital companion for fast setup.
  • Can be turned into a cooperative game where players still hide their clue but actively talk out strategy.
  • Can also be played completely cooperatively for younger children (8-10) where all the clues are revealed and they have to find the location together.

Players Also Liked:

  • Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space - Players have limited information they can use to win the game
  • 2 Rooms and a Boom - Players have to keep information secret from other players
  • Minesweeper (computer game) - Similarities in gameplay

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