Your group of adventurers will load up into a 3D airship and try their luck at reaching the farthest island in the land. Each island holds treasure cards that are worth victory points. The farther your ship gets, the higher is the point value of the treasure. You’ll have to place your trust in your fellow adventurers’ hands because it’ll be up to them (and you too on your turn) to captain the airship and defeat the obstacles in your group’s way. Will you stay airborne or will your ship go down? To find out, take a risk and go on this adventure.


Playing Time:30 minutes


Additional Info:

  • Best played with 4-6 people to increase the variety of cards in play
  • Parts of the airship come loose
  • Simple rules and mechanics, great for beginners
  • Encourages role-playing interaction

Players Also Liked:

  • Zombie Dice – Similarly, players will press their luck in deciding whether to roll the dice again, score a better outcome, risk losing everything, or play it safe and keep what they’ve got

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