You’re a brave and daring explorer, who’s landed on a magnificent island, bountiful with natural resources. The only trouble is, you’re not alone. Compete against others in a race to build on the island and become the ultimate settler. 


Playing Time:60 minutes


Additional Info:

  • There is an extension that allows for up to 6 players, it also adds a new building phase. 
  • The game states that it’s suitable for ages 10+, younger players may need some time to get the rules down. 
  • Multiple expansions available for Settlers of Catan that increase the board size and add scenarios

Players Also Liked:

  • Stone Age- Players manage meeples to gain resources that they use to purchase civilization developments
  • Carcassone - Players are building a settlement and determining how to use their resources
  • Ticket to Ride-Players collect different colored train cars in order to build routes across America

21st Century Game Skills
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