Work in the (Post) COVID-19 Era

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Pro Athlete

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive upheaval in nearly every industry, but innovative companies have cleared a path forward. While many businesses laid off employees, workers quit, business models changed, and most workplaces continue to see hiring challenges, retention at the Kansas City-based e-commerce retailer Pro Athlete is high and productivity is up. 

In the Library’s series about the future of work in Kansas City and across the nation, team members from KC-based Pro Athlete will talk about its designation as one of the best places to work in town, the reason for its numerous “healthiest employer” rankings, and how it’s handled the changing workforce by offering flexible schedules, four-day work weeks for part of the year, and plenty of perks. Founded in 1987 as a sporting goods store, it moved sales online in 1999. By 2004, all business was conducted online. Pro Athlete’s success has largely been due to its generosity with employees, strategic risk-taking, innovation, and willingness to pivot.  



Work in the (Post) COVID-19 Era

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