Angels with Angles

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Mary Esselman, Sister Berta Sailer, Sister Corita Bussanmas, Kim Randolph, Loring Leifer

Sisters Berta Sailer and Corita Bussanmas were once quiet convent dwellers. Forty-six years ago, however, the two nuns went rogue, fearlessly taking on a Catholic bishop and diocese, politicians, landlords, and the Internal Revenue Service to sustain and grow what now is one of the largest single-site, early education and social service providers in Missouri. Kansas City’s Operation Breakthrough serves more than 400 children and their families, most from impoverished backgrounds, every day.
The two founders are featured in a discussion of their work and the invaluable, inner-city center. Joining them are its current CEO, Mary Esselman; former student and current KC business owner Kim Randolph; and Loring Leifer, the author of Angels with Angles: The Rogue Nuns behind Operation Breakthrough.
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Angels with Angles

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