Value of Library Services Calculator

How much would you pay without the Library?

  • Enter in the left-hand column the quantity for each service.
  • The estimated value of each service (if purchased) will be calculated on the right.
  • Total value of your Library use is shown at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Tip: Tab between entries and do not use commas.
Enter Amount You Use Library Services Value of Services in Dollars Retail Price & Source
Monthly internet fee=$15 (Spectrum Internet Assist)
Avg. book price=$26 (Library Journal)
Avg. children's book price=$18 (Library Journal)
Avg. DVD price=$15 (estimate,
Avg. CD price=$10 (RIAA)
Avg. eBook price=$9 (
Amazon rental=$6 (
Spotify basic plan=$10 (
iTunes price=$1 (iTunes)
Avg. price=$15 (estimate from Google Play)
Ancestry monthly price=$20 (
Avg author talk ticket=$15 (estimate, Rainy Day Books)
Avg. children's event ticket=$10 (
Avg. study room rental=$15 (
Total Value of Your Library Use

The calculator worksheet has been adapted from the downloadable spreadsheet, originally provided by the Massachusetts Library Association and then adapted for the web by Chelmsford Public Library and Maine State Library.