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Black History Month

As we commemorate Black History Month, there are many ways to discover stories celebrating African American experiences. Check out a selection of recommended books and browse a collection of films available through the Library's free streaming services. Attend one of our public speaker events or activities. You can also explore, learn, and celebrate with resources from the Kansas City Black History website and commemorative booklet.

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The teens at Central Library recently ate their fill at the first in a "Taste Off Series"! Hungry mouths from all over the city spent a Saturday sampling six different salsas from Kansas City businesses. Throughout the event, the most common response seemed to be the panting and airing of the tongue. Even with tongues a bit scorched, the teens managed to vote for their favorites.

On October 8 at the Central Library, Richard Moe explained how the preservation of historic and older buildings should be an important component of sustainable development efforts. Explore a few books about historic preservation, green remodeling, and architectural styles before his talk.

Pigs are savers. I save letters from friends, stickers in my scrapbook, and funny noises. My computer has software that can record sounds. When I'm in my wheel barrow and writing to you, I might hear a frog croak, a bird whistle, or a beaver's tail slap the water in the stream. I record those sounds and save them. I like listening to them later. That's what's great about saving--you have something that you can share with someone else.

Pigs save money, too. That's why there are piggy banks! Pennies, nickels, and dimes add up. That's another reason that I love the Library. I can check out books and audiobooks for free.

Then I have more money for stickers.

Yours with snorts,

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Just a Piggy Bank

Little Critter collects his coins in his little piggy bank and saves up for something really special.

Climate change, or global warming, is a hot topic today. On October 3 at the Plaza Branch, the Library will host a conversation about climate change and global justice. The following week on October 8, the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation will discuss how the preservation of older buildings should be an important component of sustainable development efforts, including efforts to combat climate change. This list of resources features some books about climate change for adults and kids, a few novels with climate change themes, and several documentary films about the topic.

In case you missed Jerry Seinfeld’s recent local appearance in Kansas City, you can catch up to lots of the great stand-up comedy acts by visiting your Kansas City Public Library. Among the many DVDs available are these:


The Aristocrats
What’s reputed to be the world’s dirtiest joke gets told, re-told, and deconstructed by a cadre of the best storytellers around in a joke-fest not designed for the fainthearted.

Bill Cosby, Himself
One of the longtime masters of stand-up comedy, Bill Cosby, treats his many fans to this funny, satirical and heartwarming live concert.

A behind-the-scenes look at the world of comedy clubs as Jerry Seinfeld proves he still has what it takes and up-and-coming comedian Orny Adams has to prove that he has whatever it takes to click on the comedy circuit.