In Difficult Times, Your Support Helps Ensure the Library Is Here for KC.

The past year was a difficult one for families across the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Not all kids are set up for success when disaster hits, or in this case, pandemic strikes.

For those hardest hit – families impacted by the digital divide, parents who have lost jobs, and kids who have lost connections to teachers, counselors, and caring communities that keep them safe, healthy, and nourished –  the Kansas City Public Library is there.

As we look towards a new year, we hope you will consider a gift to the Kansas City Public Library.

Your financial support ensures that Kansas City families have access to the critical resources that allow our children to learn and thrive.


When children struggle to learn in the virtual environment because they lack the basic internet access necessary to connect with their teachers, the Library is there, providing high-speed Wi-Fi and hotspots to take home.
When children grow up in “literacy deserts” without access to books and other life-enriching resources, the Library is there, delivering books and DIY take-home activity kits, completely free of charge, alleviating one more barrier to learning and creativity.
When parents need to connect with their children’s teachers but lack basic technology skills to do so, the Library is there, providing one-on-one support from knowledgeable staff members to help them cross the digital divide.
When the public and charter schools close their doors to the kids who rely on them for instruction, recreation, and connections to caring adults, the Library is there,with virtual and in-person youth programming that creates access, fosters connections, and enriches lives.
When families suffer from lost jobs, dwindling income, and increased child care costs and struggle to put food on the table when school is out of session, the Library is there, partnering with community agencies to provide nutritious meals five days a week.
When disconnected neighborhoods lack access to basic healthcare, the Library is there, partnering with healthcare providers to offer telehealth services and bring certified nurse practitioners directly to the areas where they are needed most.
None of us envisioned the challenges that this year would bring. Nor could we have envisioned
the resilience and support that our community would show in response. 

At every turn, YOU were there for the Kansas City children who needed you most.