Best of KC: Show Some Love to Kansas City Public Library

UPDATE: The Kansas City Public Library has made it past the nomination round of The Pitch's Best of Kansas City 2018 and now the real voting begins. Should you be so inclined, there are some categories that offer a perfect chance to give your local public library some love. 

We are in the following categories:

Goods & Services > Best Library Branch: MO
People & Places > Best Local Website
Goods & Services > Best Free WiFi

You can vote until September 10 at 3 p.m. 


Nominations are open for The Pitch’s Best of Kansas City 2018. And should you be inclined, there are some categories that offer a perfect chance to give the Kansas City Public Library some love.

First and foremost: Best Library Branch: MO. This subcategory is in the Goods & Services category.  

Which of our locations will you nominate? 
  • Central Library
  • Irene H. Ruiz Branch
  • Lucile H. Bluford Branch
  • North-East Branch
  • Plaza Branch
  • Southeast Branch
  • Sugar Creek Branch
  • Trails West Branch
  • Waldo Branch
  • Westport Brach

All you need to do is write in your choice, along with your first and last name, postal code, and birthdate, and check the box if you want to be a Pitch Insider. Click the green “nominate” button, and you’re done. 

Other “best of” categories in which you might want to nominate the Library:

Goods & Services 
  • Best Free WiFi

People & Places 
  • Best Facebook Page (we’re )
  • Best Local Instagram (we’re )
  • Best Local Twitter (we’re )
  • Best Place for a Cheap Date (our Central Library is full of art galleries, a film vault, and large chess pieces on the rooftop)
  • Best Place for a First Date (make a great first impression by taking your date on the KC Streetcar, getting off at the 9th & Main Library stop, and showing your intellectual side at our Central Library)
  • Best Place to Break Up With Someone (If you have to do it, it might as well be in a place filled with adventure, science fiction, romance, heartbreak, and scandal)
  • Best Public Restroom
  • Best Scenic Spot (Have you been on the Rooftop Terrace of our Central Library?)

Arts & Entertainment 
  • Best Art Gallery (The Central Library features local and national touring exhibits year-round in the Genevieve Guldner Gallery and Rocky and Gabriella Mountain Gallery.  Go to 
  • Best Outdoor Event (Our Off-the-Wall summer movies offer a free place to get together with friends, enjoy free popcorn and beer, and watch a fun flick. Go to

Nominations close July 18, so visit and get nominating! The Library appreciates your support.