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OverDrive offers popular audiobook titles chosen by our librarians in MP3 format and streaming directly in-browser. For more information, read OverDrive's "Getting Started" guides...

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Get Libby (alternate app from OverDrive Labs): iOS | Android

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hoopla offers thousands of popular audiobook titles for streaming online or downloading via the hoopla app. hoopla's collection is always available—no waiting and no holds.

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Digital New & Notable

Explore our new eBook service, Axis360, which offers a high-turnover collection of the most popular titles. Learn more about Digital New & Notable »

How it Works:
  • 14-day checkouts
  • No holds
  • No renewals
  • Maximum 7 checkouts at a time

Public Domain Audiobooks

The LibriVox Free Audiobook collection on the Internet Archive contains thousands of crowdsourced readings in the public domain and are available as free downloads.

  Library Card Required Listen Offline Stream Online Items Always Available Borrowing Limit*
OverDrive Yes Yes Yes No 20 titles at a time
hoopla Yes Yes No Yes 9 titles per month
Digital New & Notable Yes Yes Yes No 7 at a time
LibriVox Free Audiobooks No Yes Yes Yes No limit

* Digital library services offer other types of digital content. Checkout limits apply to all types of materials, not just digital audiobooks.