White Matter Fibers: Inside the Brain

White Matter Fibers: Inside the Brain
White Matter Fibers: Inside the Brain, Interior
White Matter Fibers: Inside the Brain, didactic
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One North
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White Matter Fibers: Inside the Brain is simultaneously an abstract and representational mural of white matter brain fibers positioned to encompass a functional learning space.
336.75 inches
.5 inches
137 inches

What at first appears to be an abstract art installation in the Library’s technology and digital engagement hub is in fact, something deeply conceptual and highly interactive. White Matter Fibers: Inside the Brain is situated in ONE NORTH, the Central Library branch technology center. At first observation, the viewer looks at what might appear to be a colorful opaque mural when it is in fact cerebral and highly interactive. The work spans two glass walls comprised of 8 glass panels and measures 28.75' long. It is located in a highly visible area in the technology center on the first floor between Kirkwood Hall and the elevator leading to the Annex. The design in incorporated into ONE NORTH signage as well.

Red, yellow, green, blue, and purple fibers vibrantly swirl and roil uncontrolled on an opaque white background and give the appearance of reaching through the floor and ceiling. From the outer corners, opaque squares in various sizes appear to separate from the opaque background as if they mean to spread like knowledge.

By walking around the corner, visitors become aware the backside of the work is visible as well and the space houses computers and additional workspace. This mural simultaneously combines abstraction, representation, and function. Interaction is required, considering without the human brain, learning would be hindered and the technology would remain silent and obscure. What better place for an installation such as this, but in a public library?

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