Well Up to Time at the Turnpike

Well up to Time at the Turnpike
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Missouri Valley Room
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1860 -1942
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Etching printed from the original plate of the work "Well Up to Time at the Turnpike" by George Wright.
 - Glass
18 3/4 inches
3/4 inches
18 1/4 inches

George Wright was a British painter of coaching and hunting scenes. He was the elder brother of Gilbert Scott Wright. Mainly a self taught artist, although it is thought he worked with his younger brother until 1925. During that time their combined work was frequently reproduced on calendars. Wright lived for some time in Rugby and Oxford before moving to Richmond in Surrey in 1929 and later he chose to retire to Seaford in Sussex, where he remained until his death in 1942. Considered to be one of the best sporting painters of his time and his highly accomplished action paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1892 and at many other venues in the country (-information gathered from http://www.artnet.com/artists/george-wright-2/biography). This etching captures a rural scene from the 19th century, depicting a horse drawn coach, with four coachman sitting atop the carriage. Situated at the front of the carriage, consists of two coachmen, the driver and his companion. Behind these figures are two additional carriage riders, one of the figures is blowing a horn announcing their arrival. Each of the coachmen are heavily attired, indicating this scene may have taken place during winter. The two front figures are covered with a blanket, which emphasizes the cooler weather conditions. The coach is entering through an open gate, held by a balding attendee. A dog seems to be keeping the gate-man company, as he inspects the arrivals. It appears the coach is departing from a picturesque village, based on the country style housing that appear to the left and right of the background. A tree line is also depicted among the village houses. The print is circular with the title of the work "Well up to time at the Turnpike" printed, in cursive, below the scene.

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