Village de Montage

Village de Montage
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Missouri Valley Room
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Numbered and signed limited edition print of Village de Montage, by Pierre Henry.
 - Glass
23.25 inches
1 inch
29 inches

The following , from The Collectors Guild LTD, provides detailed information regarding the artist Pierre Henry. Pierre Henry, born 1924 , was the son of a baker of Rue St. Denis. Henry though he studied at the school of Beau Arts, is a self-taught painter. During trips to Italy, his slow researching led him to define his style which is a far away reflection of his revered masters: Piero della Francesca, and Pisanello. Winner of the Prix de la Jeune Peinture in 1955, Pierre Henry was encouraged in the beginning by artist Gertrude Stein. The fact that the grand priestess of modern art was interested in his first works proves that his career showed promise from the start. Additionally Henry was selected to compete for the Prix de Rome and in 1949 won a Hallmark Prize. Henry was awarded a grant by the State of France to travel and study. Henry also created puppets for the film of marionettes which won first prize at the Venice Film Festival. The print of Village de Montage portrays all the characteristics that Henry had been noted for. The view captures an Italian Villa as seen through an open window. In the foreground six structures, with red tile roofs, become a visible part of the landscape. A towering hill, or mountain, is set as the furthest portion of the background. The illusion that the view is looking left over the village, is helped by the artists rendering of the window opening, as it only captures the left side of the opening and only a portion of the sill as it angles down to the right. In the forefront of the composition is a lone vase that contains a thistle type plant. The coloring of the work contains a variety of muted colors, blue, red, cream and taupe.

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