The Commerical Club of Kansas City Banner

The Commercial Club of Kansas City Banner
The Commercial Club of Kansas City Pin
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North Wall
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Framed fringed banner for the The Commercial Club of Kansas City.
 - Glass
45 1/4 inches
3 inches
66 inches

Leaders in Kansas City business have been involved in their city's larger civic life since the first settlers came here in the 1820s. The first formal organization, though, dates from 1856 when a small group of local businessmen established the first commercial organization of Kansas City for the purposes of general public improvement.

The organization disbanded during the Civil War, and area businessmen assembled it again in 1887 at the Brunswick Hotel then organized the Commercial Club of Kansas City, elected the first board, and adopted by-laws. Initially established with fifty-seven members, the Commercial Club's primary purpose was Kansas City's commercial development, and promotion of the City's parks and boulevards system.

The Commercial Club was also engaged in the building of Convention Hall, completed in February 1899, and its legendary rebuilding in ninety days after a devastating fire resulted in its complete destruction. The Democratic National Convention was held in the rebuilt Convention Hall in July 4, 1900, nationally heralding the "Kansas City Spirit" of community optimism and growth.

Throughout the organization's history the group tried to follow one direction, summed up in a speech by former president Frank A. Faxon: "Make Kansas City a good place to live." August R. Meyer, former Commercial Club president advocated changing the Club's name to "The Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City", following the example of similar organizations nationally. "The name you bear does you injustice, and it no longer fairly expresses the character, the object of this association." The Commercial Club became "The Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City" in 1916.

The primary color of this banner is navy blue and the top of the interior the following title is detailed "• THE• COMMERCIAL CLUB • OF • KANSAS CITY" . In the middle of banner a stylized border breaks the top text from the bottom text. The lower text provides the following dedication "ORGANIZED 1887". A fleur de lis is illustrated at the bottom. The lettering is white and bordered with gold. The border of the banner is also gold and the bottom of piece is worked with gold corded fringe and tassels.

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