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The Library invites patrons to sit down and connect through conversation during the first National Week of Conversation, April 20-28, 2018.

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What books were winners with Library staff in 2017?  From pop culture potboilers to heavy-hitting history reads, check out the favorites that lined our staff's personal shelves this past year.

With the beginning of a new year comes the renewed commitment to shake up our usual routines. We tell ourselves we’re going to learn a new skill, take a class or two, strive to get exposed to diverse and different ideas, make healthier choices, take risks in personal and professional lives… an ambitious list of life-changing activities. Luckily, the Library is an ideal starting point to help you turn your New Year’s resolutions into real results.
Device Tutorials and Digital Content
Are you the proud owner of new tech products this holiday season? The Library keeps the spirit of gift-giving going by providing you with many ways to make the most of your new computer, tablet, or smartphone.  We've got a few  resources to get you started.
The Country Club Plaza in December is synonymous with holiday lights and shopping, as illustrated in these historical photos from our Missouri Valley Special Collections.
Pull into the parking garage for the downtown Central Library – the one with the cool collection of giant books on the exterior – and you might notice some changes. New gates. And a new system for entry. We’re here to help get you through.