Adult Summer Reading – May 21-July 31, 2018


"So many books, so little time." – Frank Zappa

This year, the Library's Summer Reading Program will shake, rattle, and roll your bookshelves. The 2018 theme, Rock & Read, invites adults and youth alike to dive into a mosh pit of music-themed offerings.

Books and music make good bandmates. At their core, lyrics and prose are two ways we share and enjoy stories. Tales of love, loss, power, joy, terror, and hope stream from stereo speakers and spill across paperback pages. Readers eagerly await new offerings from a favorite author, while music fans anticipate the latest single from a singer or band. With this thematic mashup, the Library adds some rhythm to your reading.

The Adult Summer Reading song remains the same: Read five books between May 25 and July 31. Tune in to enjoyable, lively reads in your preferred format, log ‘em, and earn a rockin' reward: a Summer Reading pint glass.

You can also pump up your reading volume with librarian-curated lists of books and movies with a music beat: biographies of musicians, the science of songwriting, landmark concert documentaries, and more.

Take part in some of our special Adult Summer Reading events. Catch a mixtape of music movies on the Central Library rooftop. Hear a local journalist tell tales of some of KC's greatest concert moments. Help a pair of local musicians write a song over a lunch hour. Attend a book discussion group as we riff on some choice reads.

Need a new reading playlist? Let our librarian rockstars suggest reading, viewing, or listening for you. Complete a personalized reading profile and get your own Top 10 list of recommendations tailored to your tastes.

This summer, crank your reading dial up to 11. Get ready to Rock & Read.

Suggested Reading

Check out this list of Adult Summer Reading Program official Rock & Read selections, or explore more related lists. All of these titles are available for checkout from the Library; many are available in other formats, such as eBooks or audiobooks.

The Library also offers book discussion groups where readers may join in smart conversations about select suggested reading titles.

View the full list in our catalog >