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Robson, Mark, 1913-1978, film director.
Forbes, Bryan, 1926-2013, screenplay.
Schultz, Michael, 1938-
Huston, John, 1906-1987, film director.
Hill, Walter, 1942- film director.
Container of (work): Tonatiuh, Duncan. Soldier for equality.
Bluitt, Renae, creator, executive producer, on-screen participant.
Jones, Andy T., film director.
Mir, Saira, author.
Motion picture adaptation of (work) : Frier, Raphaële, 1970- Malala : activist for girls' education.
Strong, Jon, film director.
Jones, Andy T., film director.
Respress-Churchwell, Gloria, author.
Cline-Ransome, Lesa, author.
Copeland, Misty, performer.
Scott-Ward, Gillian (Clinical psychologist), film director, film producer.
Holland, Tom, 1943-
Zobel, Craig, film director, actor.
Bregman, Anthony, film producer.
Stoff, Erwin, film producer.
O'Connor, Gavin, film director.
Morano, Reed, 1977-
Meghie, Stella, film director.
Whannell, Leigh, 1977- film director, screenwriter.
Erwin, Jonathan D., film director, screenwriter, film producer.
Kavanaugh-Jones, Brian, film producer.
Wilde, Autumn de, film director.
Bell, William Brent, film director.
Wadlow, Jeff, film director.
Wilson, David S. F., film director.
Yan, Cathy, film director.
Arbi, Adil El, 1988- film director.
Mazursky, Paul, film director.
Sciamma, Céline, 1980- director.
Sedgwick, Edward, 1892-1953, film director.
Armitage, Richard, 1971- actor.
Coolidge, Jennifer, actor.
Damon, Mark, 1933- film producer.
Wachowski, Lana, 1965- film producer, screenwriter, film director.
Green, Kitty (Filmmaker), film director, screenwriter, film producer, film editor.
Kazan, Zoe, 1983- screenwriter.
Scorsese, Martin, director, producer, screenwriter.
July, Miranda, 1974- film director, actor.
Cassavetes, John, 1929-1989, screenwriter, director, actor.
Sturges, John, 1910-1992, film director.
Anderson, Wes, 1969- film director, screenwriter, film producer.
Marshall, George, 1891-1975, film director.
Arzner, Dorothy, 1900-1979, film director.
Herz, Juraj, 1934- film director.
Melville, Jean-Pierre, 1917-1973, screenwriter, director.
Eubank, William, film director.
Sigismondi, Floria, 1965- film director.
Motion picture adaptation of (work): Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888. Little women.
Vila, Rodrigo H., film director, screenwriter, film producer.
Cretton, Destin Daniel, film director, screenwriter.
Sin, Checkley, producer.
Ritchie, Guy, film director.
Donowho, Brett, film director.
Mendes, Sam, film director, screenwriter, film producer.
Motion picture adaptation of (work): Brenner, Marie.
Krzykowski, Robert D., 1984- film director, film producer, screenwriter.
Kasdan, Jake, 1975- screenwriter, film director.
Ye, Weixin, film director.
Malick, Terrence, 1943- screenwriter, film director.
Stevens, Travis, film director, screenwriter, film producer.
Chukwu, Chinonye, 1985- film director, screenwriter.
Hooper, Tom, 1972- screenwriter, film producer, film director.
Carter, Thomas, 1953- film director.
Farrelly, Bobby, 1958- film director.
Sheridan, Jim, 1949- film director.
Motion picture adaptation of (work): Ferber, Edna, 1887-1968.
Conroy, Pat, screenwriter.
Stahl, John M., 1886-1950, film director.
Kalatozov, Mikhail, 1903-1973, film director.
Lee, Spike, screenwriter, film producer.
Safdie, Benny, film director, screenwriter.
Johnson, Rian, screenwriter, film producer, film director.
Gilbert, Aaron L., film producer.
Takal, Sophia, film director.
Turen, Kevin, 1979- film producer.
Bruno, Nick, 1980- film director.
Hood, Gavin, film director, screenwriter.
Emmerich, Roland, film director, film producer.
Norton, Edward, film director, actor.
Smith, Will.
Condon, Bill, 1955- film director.
Mangold, James, film director.
Haynes, Todd, film director.
Heller, Marielle, film director.
Lemmons, Kasi, film director.
Boseman, Chadwick, actor.
Wenders, Wim, film director, film producer, screenwriter.
Phillips, Todd, 1970- film director.
Goold, Rupert, film director.
Tarantino, Quentin, film director, film producer, screenwriter.
Lazow, Sarah, film producer.
Perry, Tyler, 1963-
Jenkins, Barry, 1979-
Soderbergh, Steven, 1963-
Parker, Trey, 1969- actor, screenwriter, director.
Reeves, Matt, 1966-
Stahelski, Chad, 1968- film director.
Jenkins, Barry, 1979-
Dowdey, Kathleen
Derrickson, Scott, film director, screenwriter.
Meyer, Russ, 1922-2004, film director, film producer, screenwriter.
Neel, Andrew.
Stuber, Scott, film producer.
Forbes, Maya, film director, screenwriter.
Hobson, Henry, film director.
Lawrence, Francis, film director.
Garland, Alex, 1970- film director.
DuVernay, Ava film director.
Keaton, Michael, 1951-
Lawrence, Jennifer, 1990-
Neeson, Liam.
Reeves, Keanu.
Lawrence, Jennifer, 1990-
Rabe, Lily, 1982-
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., screenwriter, host.
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