Using the Internet to Stay in Touch: Snapchat and Houseparty

Online Event
What is Snapchat? What is Houseparty? Join us for the final session in our Using the Internet to Stay in Touch series to learn the basics of these two social media apps. 

Participants will learn the following.

  • Learn how to create an account/sign in with preexisting account 
  • Identify basic terminology for both platforms 

  • Perform the following functions for Snapchat: 

  • Add friends 

  • Take a “snap”  

  • Send a “snap”  

  • Send a message 

  • Respond to a “snap” or message 

  • Watch and respond to people’s stories 

  • Perform the following functions for Houseparty: 

  • Add friends 

  • Invite friends to room 

  • Join a room 

  • Turn microphone and camera on and off 

  • Lock room 

  • Sneak into someone’s house party 

  • Connect and play games 

  • Learn to be aware of your privacy on both platforms 

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